Food contact

Food Contact Materials - Technical Plastic and Rubber

Linatex manufactures plastic and rubber items for industry use.

Food contact materials are subject to strict requirements for raw materials, fouling and hygiene.

Note - New materials are continuously approved for food contact.

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Rules concerning food contact materials

Linatex A/S is registered with the Food Region Copenhagen in accordance with BEK 822/2013.

The registration includes import, production and sale of items, including machine parts, intended for direct contact with food.

Rules concerning food contact materials

The registration does not apply to all materials that are intended or suitable for food contact.

Responsibility for the use of materials approved for contact with food according to the above registration rests on it alone undertaking producing the food products concerned.

Since Linatex A/S does not necessarily know how our materials are used by customers, we can not issue general declarations of compliance with Regulation 1935/2004 and Regulation 10/2011.

In order to obtain a general statement from Linatex, we must expressly and in advance that the material / item is intended to be used in connection with food and under what conditions.

Only on the basis of specific and detailed information on use and operating conditions, it can be ensured that the material is suitable for the given application, manufactured and processed in accordance with the above provisions, is traceable and accompanied by the required documentation.