Technical Plastics

Technical plastics can advantageously replace metal in many productions because plastic:

  • is cheaper than metal
  • is lighter than metal
  • it does not corrode (like metal does)
  • It does not transmit heat and oscillations like metal

In addition, the use of plastic for an improved working environment in production halls, as it is quieter than metal.

Technical Plastics

High performance plastic:
Engineering plastic:
Fluoro plastic:
Hardened plastic:

Technical plastics - consulting and special solutions

You know your wishes and production conditions. We have knowledge of production environments and applicable legal requirements for many different types of companies. Based on your specifications and requirements for the product, we help you to create 3D drawings in CAD and together translate our aggregate knowledge into concrete solutions that create value in your production.

If you have special requests for quality documentation, we can compile a measurement report. To this end, we use our Zeiss 3D measuring machine, which is in a climate controlled measurement room. We are continuously working on improving quality procedures.

Contact us for more information on advice and details about products in the field of technical plastics.

Linatex works as the only manufacturer in Denmark, both with technical plastics and technical rubber. Therefore we have the opportunity to supply multi-component products according to specification.

Linatex is a member of:

IAPD (International Association of Plastics Distribution) -
EPDA (European Plastics Distributors Association) -

As a manufacturer of components for the food industry, we are regularly monitored by the Danish Food Administration.