PBI is the type of high tech plastic that has the best mechanical properties at temperatures above 205 ° C.

PBI is extremely hard and can be a challenge to manufacture and process.

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Trade names of raw materials and semi-finished products:

  • Duratron®
  • PBI
  • Celazole®

Linatex supplies both semi-finished and finished products, as required. Documentation for quality and short delivery times makes Linatex a good partner.

What is PBI used for

Application temperature normally up to 310-316 ° C.
Shortly approx. up to 343-538 ° C.
Density usually approx. 1.30 g/cmᶟ


  • Continuous use in air 343 ° C
  • Continuous use at 399 ° C in inert environments
  • Very short-term exposure potential up to approx. 538 ° C
  • PBI is also an excellent thermal insulator
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Highest compressive strength
  • Excellent wear and tear behavior
  • Resistance to radiation (gamma and x-rays) is also excellent
  • Built-in low flammability
  • Good electrical insulation and dielectric properties
  • PBI is ideal for high heat bushings, connectors and valve seats




PBI is used to replace metals and ceramics in pump components, valve seats (high-tech valves), bearings, rollers, high temperature insulators.

PBI is very pure in terms of ionic impurities, which are not degassed (except in water). These features make the material extremely attractive for high tech industries such as semiconductor components in the aerospace industry.

PBI is used especially as critical components to reduce maintenance costs and ensure a valuable production "uptime".

PBI has excellent ultrasound transparency, making it an ideal choice for parts like probe tip lenses in ultrasonic measuring equipment.

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