Terms and conditions

For deliveries, NL92 applies with the following changes / additions:


Offers are binding for 30 days when nothing else is stated.


Delivery times are approximate unless otherwise expressly stated.

If the order can not be delivered in time or within the agreed period, this must be notified to the buyer in writing or by telephone.

The seller can not at any time be ordered a conventional bid for late delivery.


An handling fee of DKK 150.00 excl. VAT, by order on merchandise under DKK 600,00 excl. VAT and at production orders below DKK 1,200.00 excl. VAT.

All orders are subject to environmental fee of DKK 50.00.


Payment terms are, unless otherwise agreed, net cash.

If payment is not due to maturity, interest is calculated at 2% per. started month, however, minimum DKK 50.00.


Return of goods is at the customer's expense and risk. Return of goods is accepted only by prior agreement and after deduction of 20% of invoice amount.

Items that are custom made, especially home-made, are in violation, goods that have been taken into service and goods that have been damaged can not be returned.


For plastic items that are produced after drawing, DS / ISO 2768-1-m is used on target without tolerance.

For rubber, DS / ISO 2768-1-v. Is used.